Coral Kanister XLarge

Protect your corals while in transit with this reusable carrying container. Best of all, you eliminate the use of single-use plastic bags.

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The Coral Kanister is a reusable coral frag carrying container that aims to eliminate the use of the plastic bags. The novel independent anchoring system holds your coral frags in place and protects your corals from getting damaged and stressed during transit. The handle strap makes it easy for you to remove your corals from the container. Bring it with you the next time you purchase new corals and save on the plastic bags while protecting your corals.

  • Reusable solution to single-use plastic bags
    • Reusable carrying container for all your coral frags without the single-use plastic bags while adequately protecting your corals
  • Easy to use system
    • Easy design system that can be completely disassembled to thoroughly clean out the container

Additional information


Coral Capacity: 6

Package Contents

Coral Kanister XLarge + Holder Plate + Handle Strap

Product Origin

Designed and Manufactured in Canada


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