Nursery Box Small

This small Nursery Box is a perfect addition to any aquarist’s equipment list. This versatile Nursery Box can be used from raising newly hatched fry to acclimating fish and invertebrate.

CAD $10.99


This small Nursery Box is designed for use inside your main tank for breeding, isolating or acclimating fish and invertebrates. The Nursery Box is made of a continuous heat formed clear acrylic sheet to create gentle sleek curves that prevents fish from getting trapped in corners. The sides are composed of strong mesh that protects the Nursery Box inhabitants while allowing good water flow to pass through. Special injection molded clips allow one to hang the nursery box anywhere in the tank for best viewing.

The small Nursery Box is perfect for newly hatched small fry. The smaller size Nursery Box keeps the fry feeling safe and confines food to a smaller area so that they are easily found and eaten by the fry before they start fouling the water. 

  • Strong meshed side openings
    • The strong meshed side openings constantly allow a fewsh supply of clean water through the Nursery Box
  • Hand formed single piece acrylic
    • The Nursery Box is hand formed from a single sheet of clear acrylic creating sleek gentle curves

Additional information


Length: 6.25" (158.8 mm)
Width: 3.125" (79.4 mm)
Height: 4.125" (104.8 mm)

Package Contents

Small Nursery Box + 2 Hang-on Clips

Product Origin

Designed and Manufactured in Canada


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